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Casino Bonuses

Bonuses, which you get for free, are possible to obtain back. In some cases you can win much more money than you originally deposited to the casino.

Each online casino offers bonus programs. The most famous bonus programs are listed below. You can find these programs at some casinos and also on our website vixherne


Online Casino Bonus Information

Experienced gamblers understand better the bonus packages that benefit them the most.
For non-experienced customers and for those who are new to gambling, we will try to list below some useful information, in order to help them familiarize with the bonuses packages offered from almost all online casinos.

Most common bonuses offered by online casinos are:

  1. Welcome Bonus
  2. Monthly Bonus
  3. Weekly Bonus
  4. Cash Back Bonus
  5. Occasional Bonus

What is Welcome Bonus ?

Every online casino has an advantageous welcome bonus. It is worth to mention, that the offered welcome bonus varies from casino to casino.

Actually, this is the first bonus a new player is entitled to get after a successful registration and making their first deposit ever in his/her casino account. Welcome bonus occurs once in a player's lifetime in all casinos. We mean this is a one-time transaction bonus on player’s first deposit and this is a way of saying 'welcome or hello' to new players.

Some online casinos offer welcome bonus without deposit, but in most cases there is a stiff conditions which makes it hard for gamblers and therefore it’s not worth taking the welcome bonus. Other casinos give 50%, 100% or even 200% as a welcome bonus depending on the amount you are allowed to deposit.

What is Monthly Bonus ?

Monthly bonus is an important aspect and new players should look for sites that offer monthly bonuses. These bonuses are available at least once a month and are a great way for loyal players to receive large rewards.

Registered players with an active account in any online casino will benefit and be attracted from the Monthly Bonus. Likewise to the welcome bonus, the monthly bonus comes in different variations from casino to casino.

In most cases, every month each player is entitled to a monthly bonus if he/she makes a deposit in a certain period of the month. Usually, if a player makes several deposits in a month, it is only the first deposit that gets the monthly bonus whilst the rest of the deposits will not be eligible.

What is Weekly Bonus ?

Weekly Bonus is another type of bonuses available in some casinos. Weekly bonus applies on the players' first deposit of every week and the main objective is to reward players that play frequently.

What is Cash Back Bonus?

One bonus in particular that attracts online gaming players is the Cash Back Bonus. Players, who have lost during online gambling sessions (in previous month), are now able to get a percentage of their losses as a cash back bonus.

What is occasional bonus?

Occasional bonus is a bonus package that comes out during festivities or when a special event comes up. European casinos have occasional bonus for Christmas, New Year, Easter, and summer. You have to register before you can use the bonus and you may or may not have to deposit depending on the conditions of the occasional bonus.

In some cases with the above bonuses you can win much more money than you originally deposited to the casino. Please do bear in mind that every casino has a wager requirement on the bonus offers. If wager requirement is not friendly for players, sometimes it’s not worth taking the bonuses. It is suggested to read carefully the wager requirements before you make your decision.

To help you understand better all aspects concerning above mentioned bonus packages, we give below an example of all bonuses offered from Eurocasinobet and its affiliate casinos Vixcasino, Afroditecasino, and Eurovikingcasino which belong to the top euro casinos. The above mentioned casinos offer different bonus packages depending on their Casino Game Suite. Presently they offer casino online games from EuroCLUB and Eurostars Casino Games Suite.

EuroClub online casino games
- Bonus Packages

Welcome Bonus-100%

For all new registered players using EuroCLUB Casino game suite, EurocasinoBet and its affiliate casinos offer a 100% bonus on first deposit ever up to a maximum deposit of 200 EUR, effectively doubling your money. Maximum amount of bonus-200 EUR!

Monthly Casino bonus–50%

All loyal players get every month 50% bonus on first deposit up to a maximum deposit of 200 EUR. Maximum amount of bonus-100 EUR! You can get more information about the terms of use on Eurocasinobet website.

Birthday Bonus

This is a surprise bonus added to players casino account on their birthday.

Cash Back Bonus

It’s a bonus based on monthly customer spending. Casinos will refund to players account every end of the month 10% of their spending.

For more bonus details click here!

EuroStar online casino games
- Bonus Packages

Welcome Bonus-100%

Are you a newly registered customer? You can earn a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum deposit of €100. Deposit €100 and your total account will be credited with €200. Remember that wager requirement applies for the bonus.

Monthly Bonus-50%

Top up your player account every month with 50% of your first monthly deposit. No matter when you decide to make your first monthly deposit, Eurocasinobet and its affiliate casinos will top up your account with monthly bonus. For wager requirements details click here!

Weekly Bonus-20%

Loyal customers that frequently use EurocasinoBet and its affiliate casino services, can benefit from this bonus package. Player’s first weekly deposit will be rewarded with a 20% bonus. To reward players that play frequently, EurocasinoBet and its affiliate casino offer now another bonus, a weekly bonus of 20% which applies on the players' first deposit of every week.
The maximum bonus that can be given for a weekly bonus is €20, granted with a respective maximum applicable deposit of €100. Deposits of above €100 will still give the maximum of €20 bonus. Also, the weekly bonus is only eligible on deposits of €50 and above. Any deposits below €50 will not grant a weekly bonus.

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